Coconut Plenny Bar

Are there any plans for making new Plenny Bar flavors? I would really a Coconut flavored Plenny Bar and I bet I’m not the only one.

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I wouldn’t mind coconut myself, as long as it’s the sweet yummy kind ;))

Limited Edition flavour to test the market JimmyJoy? <3

We’re currently looking into a savoury flavour! But coconut sounds delicious too!

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Is the pizza flavour finally being considered and made a reality? :grin:


Maybe…? Who knows!


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Excitement…grows :heart_eyes:

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They’re doing an IG contest right now, and one of the prices is two new unreleased mystery plenny bar flavours. So I guess in a few days we will know if the winner can share that info :sweat_smile:

I want peanut butter! :grin:
Or cookies and cream.

Or red fruits, apple, orange… Ok, I’ll stop.


Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! #excited

I reaaaaaly hope it is peanut butter (or PB&J :smiley: ). I have tried Huel’s PB bars, but I don’t really like them.