Plenny bar flavour ideas

I have been enjoying the plenny bars of Jimmy Joy, for me they are a better alternative then the shakes because I need something to chew on. However I feel most flavours are geared towards sweets like the caramel, vanilla, chocolate flavour. And I like the idea of an savory bar like the pizza flavour but it does taste a bit artificial. My favority is the almond & fig because it has more of a fruity sweetness and it has the chunks of almond. So I was thinking we needed more flavours like that. Naturally sweet (or savory) with chunks of natural ingredients as added texture.

So I came up with some sweet flavour ideas

  • Apple flavour with chunks of dried apple
  • Banana and cashew flavour with chunks of cashew
  • Pear and honey flavour (or ahorn sirope) with the honey as a natural sweetener which also fits the sticky texture of the plenny bar

And some savory flavour ideas

  • Garlic and union flavour with a few pieces of baked onion as texture
  • Pizza hawai flavour, I think adding the sweet ananas might improve the flavour
  • Carrot ginger flavour with chunks of ginger, this is kind of savory but it is also spicy because of the ginger and a little sweet because of the carrot

I think these flavours match with the texture plenny bars more or less but they also offer the possibility for a natural flavour without the need of artificial flavors and some ingredients can be used to improve the texture of the bar like the ginger or the cashew.

Would be interested to hear feedback about these flavours


Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us on the Bars and the suggestions for new flavours.
There’s some very interesting ones in there, some even that we did not see come by before so that’s great!
We’ll be forwarding these to the R&D team, fingers crossed they see future and possibilities in these so we can welcome them to the arsenal for the future. If you come up with any others, please don’t hesitate to share them as well.