Coffee Plenny drink

Hi! I’ve look for this topic but didn’t find it, if there is already one conversation about it please close it and excuse me.

I like the chocolate drink, but I wonder if it would be possible to add coffe drinks to the menu. I like to drink one coffee shake at my workplace, but it means I have to carry the bag with me and only use it one time. If I could bring a coffee Plenny drink it would be easier for me.

Thanks for reading, and please excuse my poor English :sweat_smile:

Not the answer you are looking for, but you could measure the powder at home and just put it into your shaker to carry to work so u would only have to add water when time comes. Or just straight up prepare the shake at home, this way it will have time to dissolve properly and will be tastier (that’s what i personally do when going somewhere). Or maybe like keep your powder bag at work if that’s possible?

Thanks for your question!

As already noted by @pogloschenie, this would be the advice from my end as well.
You could maybe think of getting an extra shaker to carry the pre-measured coffee shake with you.
Nevertheless, I will communicate the request for a more portion sized option for when you’re on the go to our R&D department.


I agree that this should be the next new ready-to-drink flavour. And you should offer more flavours for this type of product. The two options that are currently available are definitely not enough, I dislike both of them.