Decaf anyone?

Hi! I absolutely love the taste of Plenny Shake Wake Up, but I’m trying to reduce my intake of caffeine.
Is there any plans to release a decaf version? Would anyone else be interested?


Hi @juanfrcaliz!

Thanks for the post!

We do not have anything lined up for it yet, but I will add it as suggestion for our R&D department for you.
Looking forward to seeing the reaction on this!


I would definitely be interested, too!

Especially those who love coffee flavour also tend to love normal coffee. If one’s food contains caffeine, one has to limit the caffeine uptake from other sources, though.

Another problem with the current, caffeine-rich JJ coffee is that it is not possible to have it for dinner. Of course one can also get the calories from decaf cafe latte with lots of milk - but it would be better if I could have a decaf JJ coffee instead…

SO PLEASE MAKE DECAF COFFEE PRODUCTS! This would definitely skyrocket demand from my side.

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Noted!! Thanks @marba