The Neutral is here - now what?

I just got my first Neutral packs and of course tried a shake immediately to understand, how neutral it is. Without surprises it is, indeed, very neutral.

Now I would like to understand what fun could I do with it? One use for me probably will be to mix it with existing fruit flavors to make them less sweet (as they feel too sweet for me), but that is not the most entertaining way to use it, I think. As I myself am not very creative when it comes to food, maybe someone can suggest something from their experience? I imagine adding cinnamon or other powdery things, but which exactly, what combinations, how much?

I feel a bit lost here, so I hope some kind soul will be able to show me a path! :slight_smile:

(also I have a feeling that this or something similar has been discussed before, but I just can’t find the topic…)


Hi katarakt,

Good to hear that your taste expectations were matched!
We have had some awesome support from creative people on instagram. They managed to create a couple of cool recipes for you to try out. Just take a look and get inspired:

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6
Option 7
Option 8
Option 9

Have a lot of fun experimenting, and please do not burn your fingers in the process. :wink:
If you could keep us posted on your progress that would be awesome! :slight_smile:


Hi @katarakt

Same here. I got a couple of neutral bags just out of curiosity and also because the other flavors also feel to sweet for my taste. I was put off by the smell when O opened the bag, but was pleasantly surprised by the taste! For me it tastes vert much like oatmeal with a hint of hemp, which I like!

Today I mixed about 2/3 of neutral powder with 1/3 vanilla and the result was pretty good! I think I will simply use the neutral flavour either by itself or mixing it with a tiny bit of the flavored bags. Not really a fan of cinnamon so I won’t be trying that anytime soon.

I have always been interested in testing the Wake Up Plenny Shake, but unfortunately there is no vegan version (cough @Karel cough) so I might try the neutral version mixed with some of the free coffee I get at the office.

The problem with adding tastes, as I see it, is that whatever you add, you will be tinkering with the nutritional value and calorie content of the shake =|

@Berend Thanks for the tips!

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Thank you very much for the answers! The ideas look very good, but sadly most of them don’t fit me. For me the main benefit of JJ is the short amount of time to prepare it, as I really hate spending time cooking, however, if I use it as a part of some recipe, then it disregards the main benefit I have, so I might as well be cooking “real” food (as my friends or family would put it). Even slicing the fruits sometimes feels like too much hassle for me. :slight_smile:

I guess, what I am looking for is a way to get some interesting taste just with spices or something like that. I am not worrying about nutritional changes, as JJ is only a part of my everyday food (and anyway the spices don’t change much). I will try to experiment myself, but I’m still looking forward to see some simple ideas that don’t lengthen the preparation time for more than 1 minute. :slight_smile:


If you try with spices, let us know!

I am a fan of spices myself, but have not been able to order the neutral shake yet.

I hope it tastes great and we get some good less (or non) sweet shakes.

Neutral is what I’ve wanted since the beginning; I just had my first one, and it’s perfect just as it is for me. I’m trying to avoid too much sweetness. Exactly what I wanted.

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Hey inlacou,

Stay tuned, because a spices flavor is also coming this year :sunny:


I tried the neutral one. It’s great for making pancakes!

But why is there so much salt in the neutral compared to the other ones?
Can that be changed? Please…

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Heya Edwin,

Hell yes, I used the neutral for a baking as wel, great powder ain’t it? :smiley:

As for the salt, the salt amount is just as high as in the other vegan products, but compared to the whey its a bit higher yes :open_mouth:

Karel, yes. it’s great, but… if the amount of salt would be reduced a lot, it would be awesome.

In the other vegan products (I checked vanilla and banana vegan package), salt is 0,3g/100g
That’s the SAME as in the whey: also 0,3g/100g.

In the neutral powder the amount of salt is 333% as much: 1,0g/100g. So that means 1,75 gram of salt in a meal… That’s really a lot!
(I also checked the cappucino wake-up: 0,8g/100g That’s a lot too…)

I keep thinking about what could be the reason to increase the amount of salt so extremely ???
So please… please… reconsider this…

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Regardless of whether you decide to change the amount of salt, I would very interested, for the sake of transparency, to know why the extra salt in the neutral flavor.

Hello Edwin and HernanLG,

We didn’t add extra salt to our products. Mostly the salt is being provided by the micromix of vitamins and minerals that we add, so we can configure the amount. I think you comparing the label of the Neutral with an old label from an other vegan product? You will see that all the new pouches have an slight adjustment on the macro nutrients. “Why?” you may ask! Well: since I started working at Jimmy Joy I recalculated the nutrients and came up slight differences (You could say my predecessor Pablo missed a few calculations). The new macro-nutrient values are being used on the new pouches. So that’s why it looks so different.

Next to that! We are tweaking our products and salt is going to be lowered, also in our twennybars!

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Let’s try getting back to the original subject. :slight_smile:

I tried mixing it with banana and strawberry flavors.

With banana it works best for me in ratio 1:1. I can still taste the banana and the sweetness is now very acceptable.

With strawberry my favorite is 1:2 (neutral being the smallest part). With 1:1 it already became too neutral.

Apart from just adding cinnamon I haven’t tried anything with spices and that was as boring and untasty as it could get, so I don’t feel like trying something similar again soon. I’m not good with spices anyway.

I saw a lot of people talking of using neutral for baking, but how does it go for the nutrients? In other words, using it as a cooking powder is there any of the micronutrients that might be lost in the process?

I’m kinda curious on recipes to do with it, but that’s one of the things that I keep wondering about :slight_smile:

Well, what about updated lab tests? It would be nice to see a more trustworthy label, and not just limited to macros. There’s stuff that always looked a bit shady in the current label.

And of course a new recipe. We’re stuck with one that hasn’t been improved in years and it’s the main reason that pushed me to look for other options…

In this last case, could you offer some kind of timeframe for when a new recipe is supposed to be sold for regular vegan?

Hey Abalieno,

We have done lab test on different minerals and vitamins, next to that I use the info from the database of USDA. I understand the trustworthiness of our label were shady, i’m trying change the feeling and working hard with our designers to make more clear and correct labels and pouches.

As for the new recipe, the plan is to have new ingredients integrated at Q2 2018.

Thanks for the timeframe, appreciated :slight_smile:

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Could someone check the ingredients for me? I can’t seem to find the label for the neutral online. I was wondering if there’s any “flavouring” added (f.ex. the vanilla mix has fanilla flavouring).

Zero flavouring or sweeteners added :slight_smile:

Thank you!! Hope they’ll update the list on their website ^^ @Nino