Latvia! Trading a freshly opened pack of active neutral for another flavour

I have little faith in finding anyone from Latvia here, but i reeeeally dislike the neutral flavour and would like to trade for any other except mango (regular or active - whatever, but similar amount cuz i have to eat something till my next order lol) :pray:

Upd: tastes nice blended with a banana! But uhh not as handy obviously as i have to make sure it’s freshly blended and consumed so that it doesn’t get nasty. But well, at least a temporary solution until i get through the bag!

Upd 2: in search for handiness i added cocoa powder and stevia drops. I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t work BUT IT WORKS. It’s not like super great but it’s better than my banana version and tastes similar to regular chocolate plenny (which im not like a big fan of but that’s just my pref)

Have you tried mixing with a different flavor? I can’t handle caffeine so well so I ended up adding a little of the coffee power to other flavors until the bag was empty.

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@jan87 I’ve realized that im really not a fan of all the active shakes i bought actually (neutral, chai latte and vanilla). Mixing them together doesn’t really help in masking that weird neutral flavour because it turns out that other active shakes have it too! Im now jusr trying to power through basically till my next order which is gonna be back to regular shakes

Thanks for the updates! :green_heart: In my vanilla or chocolate shake, I occasionally add a shot of espresso (especially in the mornings). That might be a viable option as well.
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