Looking for hearty neutral shake recipes

Due to some health issues I can’t eat much solid food nor is sucralose very good for my digestive system. Copying existing sweet flavors with the neutral version and, for example, rice syrup is easy, but I’m looking for some hearty alternatives for neutral shake variations.

First thing that comes to mind is making a warm shake with some tomato powder or extract, soup style. But that’s where my imagination ends…

Has anyone does similar things or got some fancy ideas?


have you tried looking here?


Hi! There’s a guy that said that mixed it with vegetable stock and it seems nice and tasty. I want to try too, I love the flavours, but I miss some “salty” options, some not sweet flavour. If you get some more ideas I’ll love to hear about them :slight_smile:

Have you tried it with the stock already? Curious to find out what you thought!

I’m buying the neutral one to test it. With the vanilla one was edible, but funny, and with banana flavored… Not a good idea.

I tried vegetable broth and tomato paste so far. Both good options with warm water. Also, liquid smoke for BBQ lovers.

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I used to add curry powder to Neutral. It came pretty close to savoury, if not hearty.

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How do you like the plain neutral shake? What does it taste like? (Nothing is really completely free of taste after all…)

It tastes kinda like oatmeal to me. And to be honest, without adding anything like rice syrup or flavor drops I think I wouldn’t like it that much. But compared to the flavored ones it gives you endless possibilities.

My current setup includes rice syrup and various different food flavor drops from myaroma. And for savory stuff I use warm water, tomato extract and savory food flavor drops from one on one flavors (US based).

My girlfriend uses vanialla drops and glucose.

Yes, but I really don’t like having all those small vegetable and herb pieces swimming around in it. :see_no_evil:

Hm, maybe it would work better with a Plenny Pot, then :wink:

It tastes like nothing without tasting bad.