Suggest ideas for Neutral flavour

I have seen in my mail that jimmyjoy-plennyshake team are looking for suggestions for neutral flavour, here’s my crazy idea, is a jimmyjoy-plennyshake scoop with neutral flavour powder who is thinking with which flavours it will be mixed.


Since all pictures of jimmyjoy-plennyshake are so colourfull, and the neutral flavour is sth. spezial, i would suggest a picture with some black in it. Maybe a black background? Also black is “neutral” since it technicly isn’t a colour.
PS: Is it a teaser? Peanut, Zitron, Pear and maybe fish? Would like to see every of them in the shop. :smiley:

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Fish is a little crazy idea :confounded:,maybe someone would like , I think I lack the human taste , that would be interesting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When will we be able to purchase Plain jimmyjoy-plennyshake?

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Heya Luka.mis,

You can order it here:

Tnx for the update. Order has been placed.

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