Decaffeinated Coffee Shake?

Hey everyone. Sorry if this was already brought up.

I love coffee for its taste. Unfortunately, my organism doesn’t do well with caffeine, so I usually try to go for decaffeinated. I also would prefer not to consume caffeine regularly; for all intents and purposes, it’s still a psycho-stimulant drug with an addicting profile.

That said, the Coffee shake is still the only flavour I have yet to try and I would jump in to try a decaffeinated version. I wonder if there would be enough demand for it.

Have a great weekend :blush:

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hey @doctor_mav, welcome to our forum!

We’re sorry you can’t try the PS Coffee because it has caffeine (100mg/portion). A couple of other people on the forum feel the same way. However, based on many customers’ feedback, they are happy with the caffeine content in PS Coffee. I’ll tell the team about your suggestion :slight_smile:

Don’t be disappointed - I can’t image that it tastes like what it is supposed to, as it doesn’t contain the real thing, unlike all other flavours, just caffeine and artificial flavourings.