Active Coffee?

I’ve been exercising a bit more recently and wanting to try out the Active shakes, but the trouble is I always have the coffee shake in the morning for the caffeine boost and that’s when I want to have it. Are there any plans to roll out the newer flavours e.g. coffee, pistachio, to Active?

There is the chai latte active flavour which has caffeine in it!

I’m afraid I’ve tried the Chai normal shake and it’s really not for me, I can’t stomach it

Owh that’s sad, but i feel u on this about some other flavours.

Let the @customer_support be summoned! :space_invader:

Active Coffee would be ideal.
As a workaround i can recommend adding an espresso to Actice Chocolat or adding caffein powder to any Active flavour you like - sometimes i also add some L-Theanin.
It’s a bit inconvenient but for me it’s worth it to only have to carry one Shaker when going for a morning Workout.

I also tried to mix ESN Designer Whey with the regular Coffee Shake to make my own Active Version but i can’t recommend this one.

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Adding coffee Powder to choc is a great idea, I just wonder how I could make sure it’s evenly mixed. Maybe just shake it really hard haha

Im not using active, but often add a shot of espresso to my shakes. Health drawback is, that unfiltered coffer increases blood cholesterol. Ideally youd use either instant or make ice cubes of really strong filter coffee and leave with the shake in the fridge over night :smiley:

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I am loving the workaround idea’s!

There’s nothing set in stone about this yet, so I will forward the suggestion to the relevant department, it’s all about the demand for it :wink:

Thanks for your feedback! <3

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I like the flavour, but not the caffeine. Nevertheless a more protein-dense shake with this flavour would be great. As you see there is plenty of demand, so you should consider adding it to your product portfolio.

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