Does anyone want to have my plenny shakes (for free)?

I ordered a lot of jimmy joy products last year and used the bars and drinks, however I don’t seem to use the shakes very much so I have a lot left over (4-5 pouches, I think the flavours are vanilla, mango and strawberry). The expiration date is may 2020, but I think they are still fine. I don’t want to waste them, so if anyone lives in Twente (the netherlands) you can get them for free.



I would use (I’ve done so before and it went fine although a small group) my local vegan Facebook group (or a local sell/buy/donate group but they are usually a mess) for this kind of stuff.

I took a look on facebook, but did at first not know that Twente was a region and not a city (if I got that right…) so didn’t search for what vegan groups there might be for different cities within.

But I stumbled upon a community page for vegan stuff in Twente, the page also has a group (small but that does not have to mean there is not much going on). If you are on Facebook maybe check it out?

BAM! :joy_cat::sweat_smile:

while writing this now I realised this is not a vegan forum or that you necessarily are vegan just because the product is and is always mentioned when vegans discuss these kind of shakes. Hah…

Oh I might as well carry on in case you happen to be vegan:

An over all Netherlands vegan group would probably work fine too. I don’t know what shipping (within your country) would be but probably it would be very much worth It to pay just the shipping If one happens to know and like these products. And of course there may be someone in such a group who would love to get it and also live close enough to pick up, if you don’t want to have to mail it.

Anyhow. Good luck.

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that’s awesome, thanks for sharing this information here! <3

Hi, I would love to take them over! I am living nearby Enschede. Would that work? Just placed my first JJ order. Can’t wait to try and use more vegan shakes.

@Mama_Lou, still have some available for @Anne maybe?

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@Mama_Lou I’m living in Enschede! Where can I get them? If they’re still available?

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