Eat.Health Lee (AKA Lee Primeau)

Hello Everyone,

My name is Lee Primeau, Owner and Freelance Nutritionist at Eat.Health Lee. I decided to team up with jimmyjoy-plennyshake to bring you guys The One Year Meal Replacement Experiment =)

Enough of the business talk, down to the good stuff my personal life. I was born and raised in Davie, Florida USA (a quiet suburb 30 mins north of Miami) After graduating high school I went in the United States Air Force as a Military Police Officer for six years. While in the military I was sent to work in Volkel, Netherlands at a tiny Dutch Air Force base. Upon leaving the military in 2011, I decided to stay in The Netherlands (my lovely Fiancee is Dutch) After leaving the military I worked various governmental jobs for a few years. In 2015, I decided to open my own nutritional practice Eat.Health Lee. In addition to running a business, I study for my BSc in Food and Nutrition with the University of Alabama.

In my spare time I like to garden, program (with computers), watch movies and of course spend time with my Fiancee.


My brother is currently serving at Volkel. Good luck on your study.

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Nice, it was a fun assignment to work there. The Dutch on base were always so friendly.


In your experiment (I did scroll through your blog (I think it was your blog), anyway; I couldn’t find it in a glance), do you’ve got any data on your blood pressure? I wonder if it went down… You did write ‘improved’, so I guess that’d be down, right? Is ‘Anthropomimaganda readings’ a fancy word for blood pressure? :slight_smile:

haha hello Ysconator,

Anthropometric is fancy pants for bodily measurements. I kinda of MacGyvered it, usually it’s paired with height, weight etc. If you go to my blog at under week 9 synopsis you will see two charts, the top is the blood glucose readings while the lower chart lists the anthropometric readings. Take a look at the legend it will show which color stands for what.

Orange is systolic (top blood pressure number) and gray is diasystolic (bottom blood pressure number). Before the experiment it was 131/84 while at week 9 it was 128/77 (averaged). That’s a steady decrease so far =) ideally blood pressure should be below 130/80. (usually 120/80, but it’s highly debated in the academic world as to which is correct, the instructions with my blood pressure machine says below 130/80). I have a family history of high blood pressure with most of my family being on high blood pressure medications at an early age.

Ah! Thank you for your response! I got up to the point where ‘systolic’ and ‘diasystolic’ got involved :S Oh well, now I’ve learned two new words! (Which I totally am going to overuse during dinner.) Anyway, my doctor is always complaining that my blood pressure is too high. Maybe I can suggest jimmyjoy-plennyshake on prescription… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Indeed, just inject it directly into your vains and all should be well. =)

Just tried it*… And that stuff is amaaaazing! It’s like a world layered in a world, you know? Our world is just a meatball, lying in a fridge, wrapped in tinfoil that is full of holes…

Anyway, I’m going for another shot… talk to ya soon!

*I did not really inject jimmyjoy-plennyshake in my veins, nor do I recommend anyone else injecting jimmyjoy-plennyshake in their veins. (Can’t be sure enough, right? :stuck_out_tongue: )

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