Faulty opening cut

Dear Jimmy Joy!

I wanted to write about my big bag banana Plenny shake, from that I just pulled the releasable cut, looked like it came down like it should, I saw the transparent bag behind it, but couldn’t open it. The zip itself stayed locked in. If it would use both sides, I could cut it, but the releasable zip is on one side, so I had to cut out, and now I can’t close the package like it should. It’s 2,5 kg and it would be a waste of time to package it to something else… it should save time. Anyway, I wanted to discuss it, to make a better solution for this serious thing.

After real cut:

Order: R672841470EU

Other: that’s my first big banana bag: in my opinion, the banana flavour is not so strong like in the small bag. It’s like in the middle of banana and natural.

I had problems with your forum page: when I clicked on my new-password-link in the mail, it was saying you’re link is too old, and I’m 100% sure, that the link was from the latest mail, and that’s that link. Tried more times, not working, but it worked after a few minutes later.

Keep up the good work, and make plenny shake free worldwide! Cheers!

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Thanks for sharing this @RastaKillah! We’re aware of this, unfortunately you’re not the first to experience the problem :frowning: We’re looking into it and are looking for solutions in the future! Should be resolved quickly :slight_smile: