Why was the closing strip changed?

So I just opened my first bag of Lemon Pie (really does smell like lemon pie!) from my just arrived shipment, and immediately noticed the closing strip (the plastic strip you use to re-close the bag) has changed? It’s much finer, and MUCH harder to get to actually close, especially at first when there’s powder stuck in there. Why was this changed? Is this a cost-cutting measure? Because if so, this can’t have been a big one, for how big an impact it’s having on the user experience here… It took me several minutes to be able to close this bag, and if that’s going to be the norm from now on (seeing as how this is supposed to be quick breakfast before my shifts) I may actually look elsewhere over this… Don’t fix what isn’t broken please.

Being realistic, the other one was broken too. It would come off easily, and the bag would stay open. There was another thread about that around here.

The thing is, the new one is even worse. :upside_down_face:

Surely they can’t have made the bad strip worse? It broke so often before.

I think this one doesn’t break so easily, at least it didn’t break for me. However, you need to have an engineering degree to be able to close it, so in practice, it’s even worse. :sweat_smile:

Oh it’s much worse… the bag was also impossible to tear open for me, I needed scissors, so they seem to have changed thát too… I was left hoping that the closing strip was a manufacturing error or something, but you seem to confirm it as normal now… sigh… I’ll try the other ‘non-limited’ bags from that shipment first though, maybe it’s just the lemon pie?

Clearly, this one is pretty impossible to close :expressionless:

But the previous one was ok for me and I didn’t get too much issue with it :o

Hi guys!

For the Plenny Shake - Lemon Pie we indeed tried a different pouch, with one closing strip instead of two as you are used to from us. This is a trial from our end, and of course was tested to be all good before we decided to ship them. The pro for this material is the recycling value of it compared to the others but there are currently no plans to adjust the norm to this.

If you receive a bag that is not closed correctly or any other issue with it, please contact the customer care team through the Live Chat option on the website or by emailing love@jimmyjoy.com, we will gladly sort that with you then of course.

Thanks for the feedback on this here, I have made sure it is relayed to the relevant departments internally.


The new strip was hard to close at first, but got easier with subsequent attempts.

Old stripe gets broken 50% of the time so it’s something good to see that a fix is coming.

I agree on the fact that this new stripe is harder to close on the first time and looks too weak.

The Ideal solution should be the same strength on closed stripe, but with a stronger adhesive so it doesn’t comes off.

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