Guide on changing your username

Hey there!

You can change your username on these forums! This has been discussed in some other thread before, but I thought it wise to make a nice little guide thingy here. Luckily, this is going to be a short one (especially when compared to the new Code of Conduct I’m writing…)

Step 1:
Click on the following link: link.

Step 2:
If you’re not logged in, you’ll be asked to login first. Login, and you’ll be redirected.

Step 3:
The second topmost textbox is for your username. Fill in your desired username, and click update.

Step 4:
Go back to these forums, logout (profile image right top of screen, ‘Log Out’), and back in again.

Step 5:
World domination! (And profit. Don’t forget profit.)


Finally! Thanks a lot!

Changed my username yesterday but didn’t see it reflected on the forums. Step 4 in your guide was the step I was missing, now all is well! (Well, except for the software somehow substituting an underscore for the apostrophe in my name; damn you lazy developers! Why can’t you still get the encoding of special characters right in 2016?!)

Haha xD Yeah; damn them lazy developers. (aren’t developers by definition ‘lazy’*?) It might have had something to do with security something something of Discourse something; the framework that is being used for these forums. Nonetheless, I’m sure it can be fixed if there are a lot of requests for that feature.

Anyway, I’m glad the guide has helped some people. :slightly_smiling:

*I am a developer.

Note: changing your nickname will break the existing @YourOldNickname references.

For the record: I’m a developer too :wink:

Don’t confuse the urge to make processes more efficient and less time-consuming with laziness though, hehe. But developers shouldn’t be lazy when it comes to writing solid code…

Oooh small world! :slightly_smiling:

And I agree with you about the difference between efficiency and laziness. But my teacher would always comment that he was educating people in being lazy in a smart way, and in making themselves useless (as there might come a day developers get less and less useful as software can write itself more and more-ish?) . Anyway, that discussion aside, I assumed more teachers were like that. I don’t know why :S I definitely didn’t mean to insult you for being lazy!

On the nickname matter: I’ve sent one of the jimmyjoy-plennyshake devs an owl, in which I tell him there’s a request for the ability to use special characters in nicknames on the forum. @truck; I’ve also quoted your finding. I personally think this has a higher priority than the characters, as this is really a bug, but then again; it’s up to the devs to take it from here…

Thannk you, very useful for a not so clear process :wink: