Historical Food - Why Complete Food is the Gameboy of The Food Industry

Hi There,

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. Mainly because I’ve been working like a horse on my project called

For this project I’ve lived on complete foods (Jimmy Joy was the first, major SHOUT OUT!) and nootropics only for the period of 12 months. My idea was to make a documentary about this year and investigate what would happen to my life if I’d stop eating.

The film is currently in post-production. Besides that, I’ve fallen in love with the future of food so much that I’ve decided to go full horsepower into this topic. recently I’ve started a YoutTube channel to talk about different products and share the ideas I have about the future of food.

This is one of those video’s and I’m super curious about our thoughts!

Also check out my instagram for more Future Food news, try outs and awesome pictures (humble brag)

Have a great weekend! #TGIF


p.s. for some reason the functions in the top menu don’t work atm. Perhaps because I’ve got Grammarly running in Firefox?
Pardon my blunt way of linking items


Love your videos and CF project Matthijs :slight_smile: