Future Food Documentary - 100% Jimmy Joy For One Year

Hey people! My name is Matthijs I’m an independent film-maker who is currently working on a documentary project about the future of food. For this documentary project I will eat Jimmy Joy (and other brands) only for the time of one year.

I’m curious if there’s anybody out there who is currently doing the same diet. So 100% Jimmy Joy. Get in touch! I want to know how your doing!

I’ll try to update regular on this forum.
I’m also running a blog here https://steemit.com/@futurefood
Or you can follow me on Instagram @futurefooddocumentary

Looking forward to your reactions!

Hello Matthijs,

Interesting project you have there!
Maybe it is an idea to pre-mix your shake when you take it with you instead of pulling out a bag of powder. :grin:
An additional advantage when you pre-mix it and put it in the fridge over night is that the taste and texture will be better.
Don’t forget to shake before consuming though! :wink:

Good luck on your future food endeavour, will be interesting to follow your updates.

Hey Berend,

I was under the impression that if it sits in the fridge over night it becomes TOO separated… But If you say its a matter of shaking harder, well; LETS GO!

Thnx for the feedback! :slight_smile:

One year! That’s quite a commitment! I’ve previously depended on Jimmy Joy for like 75% of my meals for about 6 months. I was always glad to eat some regular food because just plenny shake gets boring and makes you long for some actual taste and bite. And after eating only plenny for a few days regular food tastes sooooo good!

After living on 100% regular food for about 3 months again I’m now starting a 100% Jimmy Joy experiment with no set duration. I wonder if I’ll completely stop craving regular food after a while…

The reason I’m actually doing this is that shopping, cooking, eating and cleaning up takes sóóó much time! So Jimmy Joy to the rescue!

Nice video! I lolled at your sons idea of a good meal :stuck_out_tongue:
Subscribed to your channel.

Hey Jo_el!

Thnx for your feedback! Like I said I lost my cravings or urges pretty quick. I’m curious how you will experience this.

I can imagine the time aspect can be a solid motivation to get into it. I still have to cook and do shoppings for my son which is pretty weird because I have to keep thinking about a balanced diet. At the same time it becomes more and more automated.

lets see what the future will bring!


I wish you good luck with your experiment.

I’m currently only eating Jimmy Joy (for 30 days ) and it is really difficult.
I’m two weeks in my “experiment” and the craving for actual food is really strong even after I drank a whole shaker full of Plenny shake.

Hey dakilljoy,

Would be interesting to figure out what type of cravings you have more specifically.

What I noticed during my first 1 week of “withdrawal symptoms” was that it was mainly the sugary/salty things. Then I noticed that those snack urges had nothing to do with actual hunger or the need to eat. It’s all mind games :wink:

Not sure if that helps any, but the mind is one hell of a cheater. But it’s your mind. You can control it.

Keep up the diet, and see how it will evolve.


Matthijs, before starting this 1 year experiment, what was your longest of living on 100% shakes?

This is the first time I’m doing 100%

Earlier this year I replaced my breakfast for about 2 weeks. Thats when I noticed quite a difference in stamina and decided to look into doing this a whole year.