How do I get a scoop?

I just got my first 14 bags in the mail but I don’t have a scoop.
It’s been a hastle and I can’t find any info on how I should get the 50gram scoop that’s shown everywhere.

Hi @td6d!

You can check the scoop box during the checkout :slight_smile: We don’t send missing scoops by themselves, as they are only small plastic measures cups we feel that it would be an unnecessary strain on the environment. Luckily you can easily make a shake without it:slightly_smiling_face: We can always add one or two for free to your next order though!

Meanwhile, there are other options to consider:

  • weigh the powder with a kitchen scale
  • our scoops are 90cc/ml, if you have kitchen tools with these measurements it could work
  • Filling up the shaker with powder to just under the 200ml mark provides approx. 400kcal meal

If there’s anything else please let us know!