Compresed vs loose scope?

The other day my brother shared a plenny sake portion of banana flavour so I could decide if purchase one for myself and we discovered something…

When he loads his scope, he press firmly the powder against the bag so it gets totally full and then remove the excess manually while I just shake the scope to remove the excess but without compressing the powder…

This resulted in my shaker coming with twice the powder I use to eat in a portion and so we are wondering now…

Which one is the real 200kcal measure?

Which one is the real 200kcal measure?

Haha, I hope you put a bet on it? :smiley: The best way honestly is using a scale as we found out there was a discrepancy with the ordered scoops for a while where they were 80cc instead of 90cc as they should have been.
I would say to try both ways and then put it on the scale to know which one of you is closest, I would say your brother in this case, let us know :wink:

The method I use, and that gets fairly close to the weight it’s supposed to have, is press the scoop firmly into the powder, then use the dull side of a knife to first make sure there’s no cavity left in the scoop, and then remove any excess from the top until the top is flat with the rim of the scoop. By no means perfect every time, but it gets close enough. The only way to be exact is to weigh it.

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This is 47g, which is 200kcal. Scale was tared with an empty scoop (9g), so the 47g in the picture is the weight of the powder only.

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Well after trying and getting my belly funny for a hole day, I have decided to stick with my loose scope, it’s enough for me, at least until my body tolerates it better. At least, this will help me to make my shakes last a bit longer this way.

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Nice, glad you can come to your own conclusion what works best for you this way.

Enjoy!! :green_heart:

I found a loose scoop is usually around 40 - 45grams, which would add up to 80 - 90 grams with two scoops.
Compressing the scoop as much as possible it came to be about 60grams. which would be 120 grams with 2 scoops.

So i would say, if you wanna get close to the 95gram mark on the bag, and dont have a scale to weigh it, you should use a loose scoop.

I always use a scale though. Even a mini pocket sized scale similar to this one can work:

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@MudkipAstronaut Thanks for your suggestions here, I am sure it will help out some people. :green_heart:

Using the scale is a good idea!
Could you please break down the recommended grammage for each type of 400 calorie meal? (shakes, pots, Mac&cheese)? in my last order I got the wrong size scoop for Mac&cheese so I’m improvising but would prefer to get it right if possible.

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The Mac 'N Cheeze Plenny Pot’s contents are a little more dense than the others and for that reason we decided to make a special scoop for that one so you have the right measurement for that. It’s still two of those scoops for a 400 calorie meal that way.

For the other products, the other “normal” scoop can be used to get the right measurement.
For the Shakes that is about 96 grams in the two scoops.
The Plenny Pots excluding the Mac 'N Cheeze version can be scooped with the normal scoop as well, two of those for just about 100grams.

If you have any other questions (left), let me know! Sorry for the late reply here :green_heart:


btw for a while you were producing the wrong size metal scoop… I realized (or it seems to me) that this smaller metal scoop is the exact volume as the smaller Mac n cheese scoop. so anyone that still has those “wrong” metal ones can now use them for the Mac and cheese :DD
perhaps if you still have them you can make them available.