Pouch contains more than 3 and a half scoops?

Went to finish off my first pouch of J2 after having dutifully measured out 3 and one-half scoops for the first two shakes I made earlier in the week and lo and behold! there was at least another full scoop’s worth of product in the pouch.

I was using the provided scoop. Is this normal? Are you supposed to somehow compress the contents of the scoop when measuring?

I do have a food scale so once I have confidence how much powder is in each pouch (after weighing an empty pouch) I’ll come up with my own way of measuring out 1/3rd of the pouch at a time. I was just wondering if this was a known issue or if I’ve somehow made a mistake using the scoop…

I’ve seen mention of this before. Some people pack down 3.5 scoops. Others (like me) just do 4 loose scoops. They both come out to about 1/3 bag.

use the scale, it’s easier.
you take the scale, put the shaker on, tare the scale and put 1/3 of the total amount that is written on the package. It’s not science, if you get some extra or fewer grams here and there it’s no big deal