How long does shipping usually take?

My order is now “queued for packaging” so I assume it’ll be out in the wild shortly. How long does it usually take (once sent out) to arrive in the US?

Sorry, just a touch overeager.

Thanks in advance!

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Bump. I have the same question. I’m above just a touch overeager. Give me an ETA or at least my position in the queue, Jimmy Joy (My order number is R600478944).

Hi there! Usually shipping to the US takes for about 5 business days. Due to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness, this might be just a day or so longer this time.

@pookeyhoes you should’ve received the tracking info by now! Your order has been on its way since Monday. If you send an email to, I can send you the tracking info (I didn’t share it here, because I don’t think you want your address info to be shared with everyone!).

WHOA. That was FAST. I already got the shipment! Approximately four business days after payment was processed to get the Jimmy Joy from EU to NYC. WONDERFUL!

Hi, it’s my first post here.

Same question, how long does shipping usually take for France :large_blue_circle::white_circle::red_circle: ?

My order is now "queued for packaging"but I thought it would be shipped within 24 hours… (My order number is R433540768)

I’m already to test 1 month with only Jimmy Joy , i just wait my 30 bags. My fridge is empty, my bank account also… :credit_card:

Same situation here for switzerland :slight_smile: “queued for packaging” for a week now

order number: R876756704

It’s ok for me, in reality the package is shipped since 01/12/2016 17:17.

time <24h :heavy_check_mark: