How much powder in a scoop?

Hi. How much powder should I put in a scoop to get the 50 gr or 200kcal? Currently, I’m scooping and then shaking the scoop until the level of the powder is the same as the top of the scoop. However, after10 scoops, there is still a lot left in the bag. Do I need more powder per scoop? How much? Do I need to press the powder? Thanks.

We suggest heaped scoops, for a 200Kcal meal it’s 1,5 to 2 scoops. But it’s better to weigh it, using a scale is far superior to get everything out of your meals.

Then I’m confused, because on the package it says 1scoop=50g=200kcal

The scoop can hold 50 gram, but it depends on how it’s packed in the scoop, you can pack it very tight or loose.
1 scoop is normally around 40 grams, though.
That’s why measuring is king in this part.

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There’s an old topic about it too: Difference between 3.5 scoops and 173g

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I see, thanks. Maybe a tip then to change it on the package/add to how dense a scoop should be/how high of a heap. Or at least change it in the Getting Into The Groove part in the booklet, because there it also states: “Add 2 scoops of Jimmy Joy (100g/400kcal)”. So maybe change the number of scoops, or the mass+energy, or add that it should have a bit of a heap/or should be pressed?

I must state that 1 scoop=50g=400kcal sounds very satisfying tho for those round amounts

Round is good :slight_smile:

@Tim thanks for responding to my last message. Could you also respond to my previous message, where I suggest some things? Thanks

We’ll always take suggestions into consideration if we ever feel the need to make changes! :smiley:

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