I wait my shipment

Hello , i dont talk a lot of english sorry . so my shipment state is always and stay at’ ready’ since 2016-06-09, order num R240056743

Hi there,

“Ready” means that they received payment but they have not shipped your order yet. Usually takes between 4-7 working days (see the ETA when you order).


always at ready? why they cant send my products if hes is ready?

There are several stages before your order leaves the company. Your order is ready (as in: payment has been received), but has not yet been picked up by the guys responsible for putting your order in a box and giving it to the mailman. They usually have a backlog of 4-7 working days. My order is currently “Pre Transit”, and was paid for the same day (2016-06-09), so they will ship yours either today or tomorrow.

Send an email to love@jimmyjoy.com. They’ll tell you when it’s shipped, and get you a tracking number.