inefficient customer service and logistics

After waiting for over a month for 8 packages of twenny bars and 2 packs of plenny drink, they told me I had to waint until 20 of May. Finally, when I received it today (3 of june) I didn’t receive my twennt bars, only the plenny drinks! My diet consist basically on jimmyjoy products, so I had to buy products from another company to keep feeding myself for a month. After one year consuming Jimmy Joy’s products I will never do it again. I will change to Huel, Soylent or something else.

Fair criticism. The current situation with our Twenny Bars is terrible. We’re working hard with our suppliers to solve the issue. Iam sorry to hear how you feel and hope to one day welcome you back as our customer.

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Hi Luis, appreciate the feedback. So sorry for the mixups, please contact us at so we can make this up to you. Hope to hear from you soon!