Is it safe to consume it after the expiration date?

Hi, I’ve some bags left from a big order which now are expired from six months. The bags are sealed. Are them still safe? I get that maybe they have lost their nutrients, but they are still edible?
Thanks in advance

Dear Irenicusss,

Once the product exceeds the expiration date we can’t guarantee the product is still safe to use. Though I can tell that our product can withstand a long shelf life since the product is extremely dry and all our ingredients have had a mild heat treatment to expand shelf life. My concerns would lie at possibility of the product going bad through high temperatures, so if the product has been kept at a dry and cool place, it should be edible for a long time, especially when still sealed in the packages.

It’s a dehydrated product so I wouldn’t worry consuming it even a year after the best before date (unopened). The only problem, as you mentioned, might be the degraded nutrients.

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Good point Bruno, although I would always advise to use your senses to check for smell, look, feel, taste etc. If you’re not sure, don’t eat it. :v:t3: