Jimmy Joy Active: High Risk E450 additive

Hello, I’ve been using jimmy joy for around a year recently I downloaded the “Yuka” app to find out that jimmy joy has a dangerous additive diphosphates E450 ( see pictures) I have checked the previous post on that topic last year but sadly the point was not addressed.

I would like to know if Jimmy Joy contains E450 and if it’s recommended to be consumed daily as I usually do. I am very worried because E450 is linked with increased chances of heart attacks and I come from a family with heart attack history.

looking forward to your responses and thanks in advance.

attaching more pictures, sorry I have to post one picture per post because I am a new user and the forum doesn’t allow me to post all at once.

I also found the same info on openfoodfacts Plenny Shake Active - Jimmy Joy - 2375 g

Hi @yisy2, welcome to our forum!

Yes, the vitamin and mineral mix we use for our products contains sodium and potassium polyphosphate. In the EU , phosphates are authorized as food additives and the epidemiological studies reviewed by the EFSA panel did not find consistent associations between dietary phosphorous intake and cardiovascular-related outcomes (the last report was in 2019). The EVM (Expert Group on Vitamins and Minerals) further concluded that a total intake of 2,400 mg/day (considering 2,110 mg/day inorganic phosphorus from food including food additives and water and 250 mg/day from supplemental phosphorus) does not result in any adverse effects. Here you can find more information (but I think you already had a look at the scientific sources provided by Yukka :nerd_face:).
We follow the nutritional values recommended for an average adult. However, it would be better to discuss this matter with your doctor if you think you have a predisposition that can be affected by E450.

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