Jimmy Joy BIG USA Sale [30% off] ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Hi all,

Due to many supply chain issues earlier this year causing our meals to be stuck in transit for a couple of months(!) we now have quite a bit of stock that is going past its best before date in October/early November.

Because the last thing we want to do is to dispose of these meals - weโ€™re now offering 30% off on these meals tagged with a 30% off badge on the website - as long as supply lasts! (spoiler: probably not long ;))

Please note that these discounts ONLY work through the regular single purchase checkout - so you canโ€™t combine them with subscription products.

In the meantime, our next shipments have arrived so we should be good on stock for the majority of our meals once the sale ends!


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Thank you, I just received 3 months supply and it all expires in October. I did not realize this in the original offer. I am very greatful for the 30% off. Thank you.

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You have some work ahead of you then :wink: Enjoy!