Running out of Jimmy Joy, halp!

I see the ETA on the page is still 3 business days + shipping. However, my order is still “Queued for packaging” after 1.5 weeks. Has my order gone to limbo or is this a more prevalent issue? I thought I was well on time with my order but now I’m running dangerously low on stock and I fear it won’t last until the next batch arrives. Help!

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I feel your pain. If worst comes to worst, you’ll have to go back to traditional food. In that case, stand in front of a mirror and look yourself straight in the eye while repeating ‘I’m the man, I can do this, I will handle this crisis!’ until you feel the confidence spreading throughout every cell of your body. You got this! Good luck.


Thanks for the moral support! One bleak day in the near future I may need to step outside and face all the horrors that await in the aisles of a grocery store. If I don’t return you can have my shaker.


I am also running so low I have to eat more regular food than usual, and regular food is pretty gross and bothersome. Except that I enjoy flavours more since starting. Not that Jimmy Joy tastes bad or even bland (I alternate and like them all), but the feel/texture and tastes I get in plate meals are enhanced now, I think. But then I just feel heavy and bloated afterwards. I suspect I might have IBS and don’t get the unpleasant symptoms almost at all with Jimmy Joy. Some people seem to report more flatulence on it, but that has not been my experience.


I know, right? All the joking aside, regular food does not sit too well with me anymore. I can eat it very occasionally but if I eat too many regular meals I’ll have an unpleasant feeling in my stomach, almost like burning. I don’t know if that’s something to worry about but I feel fine on nearly 100%.

Day 1. I run out of stock today. It’s ok, it’ll only be a couple of days. Deliveroo has my back until then.

Day 3. Still no Jimmy Joy. It seems the courier guy missed us when trying to deliver. Weird that they didn’t just drop the parcel to the concierge.

Day 5. Deliveroo is too expensive, I’m back to cooking. I feel so primitive. The courier missed us for the 3rd time even though we were all day at home.

Day 12. I don’t like traditional food. Or I’m just a bad cook.

Day 15. That’s it. I’ll find something to substitute Jimmy Joy with. I found something. Local, fast delivery, a little more expensive. I ordered a sample.

Day 17. Sample’s here. Taste’s good. Ordering some more.

Day 18. Huel’s here. I can finally breathe.

Day 23. Still no Jimmy Joy…

If there’s one thing I was taught from all this is: Have a backup plan! Preferably something with fast delivery and same nutritional value. You may have to pay a little extra (the one I selected is 50% more expensive) because speedy delivery is a premium.

Head over to and take a look at all the options. Browse around, get informed, order samples. It’s a PITA to have to switch your eating habits just because one supplier run out of supplies.

That said, I’m quite happy to keep Jimmy Joy as my main meal.

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Hi everyone! I think I spoke to a few of you guys in the other thread already, so most of you know what’s going on! Unfortunately it’s vanilla that’s out of stock, which is why some orders have been waiting to ship out for a pretty long time already. Vanilla will come back in this week again though! I understand it really sucks to wait this long, especially if you don’t like cooking or “regular” food. Perhaps we should all watch a sad movie and sob together, and eat vanilla ice-cream, till vanilla is back in stock :cry:

@kostas oh no! That’s definitely way too long. I just saw you emailed us as well so I’d be happy to help you further there. You can expect to receive a reply shortly! I’m sure we’ll find a fitting solution :slight_smile:

Just an update: still waiting for it. I’ve lost count of days :frowning:

@kostas : vanilla should be available now, you should contact to ask them for the status of your order.

Is that only vanilla, or any other flavors too? I intentionally didn’t order vanilla to make sure my order isn’t delayed by the supply issues around that, but it’s still been a week since I ordered and it hasn’t been shipped yet. :confounded:

@kostas I expect it’s been fixed now as you emailed us, but please let me know if it’s not!

@lutoma Vanilla actually has been back in stock for a while already now :slight_smile: Unfortunately we’ve had some overall delays, but if you pass me your order number here or to we could check what exactly is going on with your order!