Jimmy joy sustainability

Hello everyone,
I’ve been using JJ for 3 years at 90% of my nutrition and I’m very satisfied with the choice made: comfortable, cheap and fas. But now I’m curious about its sustainability compared with others diets.

In recent years many people talk about what is the most sustainable diet for the ecosystem considering all aspects of the process: production, conservation, delivery and final preparation.
Lately it seems that in a while we all will eat insects, but in my opinion the most sustainable diet is precisely that powder food.
A study like this would cost a lot considering the countless variables, but the company could get in touch with those who have already done these studies, but did not consider the powder as possibile diet.
For example this:

This could be an excellent opportunity to spread the knowledge of powdered food, for example for humanitarian aid, undernourished areas, passionate ecologists and so on… The client base could widen considerably.