Can you pleeeease answer my survey about powdered meal?

Hi powdered world !!
I came in peace to ask your help.
I study nutrition and I have to write a final research paper, I chose to focus on the topic of meal substitutes like jimmyjoy-plennyshake.
If you could answer my survey by clicking on the link, it would be really nice, besides being super cool and helping me to graduate (which mean that I could eventually find a job, and feed my dog, you know, just for the exemple) :smirk:

Thank you A LOT !


Did the survey. My Feedback:

Change the Thread title. “Answer some questions” sounds like you have questions about the product and want information from jimmyjoy-plennyshake Team.

At “Marital status” you can select with children and without children, as well as single and married/in relationship at the same time.

Hey, thanks , it’s always great to have some feedback, I change the title a bit !
At the “Marital status” question you can, indeed, select several answers just because it was more practical like this, you can live alone and having children and being married without children. I called upon common sense of the people to answer seriously. :wink:

The form tells me it is not possible to give reactions anymore!