JimmyJoy shakes after a night partying

I thought I would share this here.

Over the past years, I found that when I wake up with a hangover, the fastest way to recover is to gulp down a large shaker (3 scoops) of Plennyshake. It gets me over my hangover so much faster than, say, coffee or a ‘fried egg with bacon and sausages’ breakfast. I don’t go out that often but when I do, I usually have a hangover and terrible headache the next day.

I have been experimenting with this and found that it works even better if I drink a small one-scoop Plennyshake before bed and the sizeable 3-scoop Plennyshake when I wake up.

Doing this reduces the time required to recover from a hangover from several hours down to just 30 minutes to an hour or so.

Is there any scientific proof of this? What are your experiences? Can someone here relate to this?


What I usually do is I take 2 myprotein electrolyte tablets before going to bed and the next day 1 meal of coffee plenny shake.


@martijnw Thanks for sharing your experience! Definitely, I would like to try the before-bed and next-day shake that you suggested and come back with the scientific documentation of my experiment haha :woman_scientist:t4:

The “scientific” proof would be that when you take one of the shakes, you recover some minerals and vitamins that were lost while drinking alcohol like magnesium, potassium. and B complex vitamins. Oats also boost serotonin production, known as the ‘‘happy hormone’’ which might help with a more pleasant feeling after a night of heavy drinking.

Moreover, bananas contain lots of potassium and magnesium, so adding it to the shake could be even better! And the coconut water will help with the rehydration of the body since alcohol drains the water out of us.

So we created a simple recipe that you can try. You need:

-1 scoop (50gram) Plenny Shake Banana
-350ml coconut water
-1 banana
-50g coconut rasp
-140g ice cubes

Blend it all together till it smooth and garnish with some coconut rasp :man_cook:t4: Voila!

We would love to know how you guys feel after drinking our anti-hangover smoothie! 🍌 🥥


The effect of ingesting vitamins and minerals sound hardly kick in within 30 minutes. Besides, vitamin defficiency isnt plausible after one night of partying.

What actually does kick in within 30 minutes is water and carbs, which are also key players in the hangover.
To my knowledge, these are in fact the only two things you can actively do to reduce your hangover :blush:

Kind regards
The GP


Thanks! JJ shakes happen to be my fav carbs too. :slight_smile:

Do you think it will matter that I most often use the active version with fewer carbs and more protein or not? If it does matter, I will keep a few bags or regular JJ for the after-party shakes.

I’ll give it a try . Surely a healthier option than my usual ice cold Coke + fried eggs & beans on toast :rofl:

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One problem of hangovers is that methanol - which is formed when ethanol is metabolized - is further converted to formaldehyde. Interestingly this does not happen if you have another drink in the morning.

Apart from that staying hydrated is helpful - so drink plenty of water.

Strong antioxidants are also good remedies against hangovers. The problem is just that these supplements are usually very expensive.


Nice diet. Thanks for sharing it