Join the jimmy joy test club!

Join the club!

Are you curious AF? Got excellent taste buds? Have so much spare time because of using our products you have time left to help us out? Then we hereby invite you to join our new project: the Jimmy Joy test club.

So, our new food technologist isn’t only a star in acting all crazy at the office, he’s also really good in what he’s actually getting paid for: developing new flavours. We love the experiments he made us drink, but we feel like there’s one opinion that’s probably most important we haven’t heard yet, and that’s yours, of course. Because we’d love to hear if our new flavours resemble being kissed gently by kittens or are rather similar to acid combined with a hint of expired yoghurt, we decided we need you guys to try them out for us.

Here’s the deal: we send you a box with some of our tasty new mixes every one or two months (including some goodies!). In return we ask you to do a little taste-test and report back, along with infinite loyalty and love of course. It’s all free and noncommittal, you can just do this at home and it won’t be a full time job. It’ll probably just take up one afternoon. And it’s fun. And delicious.

Excited? Great. So are we. If you want to join our super awesome club, just click here to fill out the form. We’ll select a small group of people to join the team and will get back to you guys with more info as soon as we can.

Thanks for all your applications! We selected a group of 30 people and will get in touch with them shortly.