Minimum order for plenny shakes

Hi, I see that there is a minimum order requirement (5 bags) for plenny shakes. I have two questions: 1. was that always the case? 2. Is it possible to spread these out across different products? E.g., if I wanted to get 2 bags of the active formula, 2 of the wake up, and 1 of the regular plenny shake, or some other variant. Essentially, I want to get a few bags of the active and wake-up formula as well, but if I am forced to have to get 5 bags of the regular plenny to order any of them, I will have to either not get those or the active/wake-up bags.

Thank you!

Hey Ethan,

That is correct.

  1. No it was not always the case, we changed it recently because it turned out we were losing money on smaller orders and it is also not environmentally friendly .
  2. It is possible to order the wake up as it is a version of the Plenny Shake however it is not possible to order the Active as part of the 5 because that is website technically a different product. It is a constraint of our back end.

Hope that answers your question. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Koningsbruggen,

Thanks for the response. If the wake up version can be considered as counting toward the minimum order requirement, how would one go about this? If I have 2 bags in my cart, and go to try to add some of the regular plenny shakes, it still says I need a minimum of 5. Or perhaps I misunderstood what you were saying.

Thank you!

Hey Ethan, As shown here: 33

You can order a Wake Up version as one or more of the minimum of 5

Hm, that’s interesting. I actually see something different on my end: image Could there be a UI update that hasn’t been pushed to the user’s end yet? If things were laid out as in the image you posted, that would resolve my issue.

Thank you!

Oh wait you’re ordering in the US. That site needs an update indeed. Sorry. I will ask as developer and ETA.

Yup! After I saw the euro in your screen shot, I thought that may be the root of this issue. Thank you for the responsiveness, and I would appreciate an ETA so I can know when to check and place my order.

Thank you!