My bad experience with UPS [UK]

I ordered some PLEENY drinks and bars to the UK. After a few days, I get emails from UPS saying they are out for delivery. I spent the whole day at home but nobody came. They sent the same email the next day and the day after that and nothing happened. I went to the UPS website and selected the option of “delivering the parcel to a UPS access point” so I can collect it there. It did nothing, they kept sending me emails saying they will deliver it to my house. After 2 weeks of nonsense, the parcel arrived. It had holes. When I opened it, the boxes inside were all broken. Many drinks and bars looked squished. Anyway, I’ll take them because their envelopes look intact. But the general sensation is like they played football with my parcel. Maybe Jimmy Joy should consider other courier options.

Hi @jasonduke!

Thank you very much for sharing this with us, and our apologies for how this package was delivered.
We would like to take this up with the shipping company so would like to invite you to contact us through the Live Chat or via so we can follow up on that.

For the future, we are indeed looking into other options and it’s looking up on that part. We are in the process of test shipments and when those turn out the way we want, we will implement the new option asap.