Getting fed up with shipping issues

So yes, I placed an order on December 24, 2021, to my address (more on my address later on). After around 14 days without receiving my purchase and the tracking number not updating, I decided to contact Jimmy Joy customer service. I received a response around 4 days later after sending a second email, where I was told that the package was in the courier’s hand, that the tracking number wouldn’t be updating anymore until its delivered, and that if it wasn’t delivered, I would receive a replacement or a refund.

The shipping deadline before it is considered lost and eligible for replacement would be Jan, 18th, 2022.

The 18th has arrived and so far, I have been very patient and understanding, and yes, Jimmy Joy emailed me today early in the morning to let me know that I would receive a replacement. I thanked them, of course.

A few hours later, I receive an email from UPS stating that my replacement is arriving tomorrow… To an address hundreds of km from where my lost package was expected to arrive…

And yes, it is very unfortunate… in less than a week, it would be a month since I placed that original order, and mind you, I am an avid nutritionally complete shake user, doing75% and intending on switching from Huel and Soylent, to Jimmy Joy.

Also, I have recommended Jimmy joy to at last 3 people, 2 of which already received their order, yet, I’m still here, waiting to receive mine.

Hope this gets resolved soon…

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Very understandable that you voice your frustration here as well, once again our apologies for the time this has taken and the inconvenience of the replacement being sent to the incorrect address.
The replacement was shipped to the know address registered to the account and in this case was an error of myself that I did not check far enough.
As already replied to your message, that replacement will be returned and we will ship it to the correct address as soon as you reply with that.

The contract we have with the shipping company is set by certain factors and when it comes to shipments lost in transit, or delayed for unclear reasons as was the case with yours, they have set a period before anything can be done on that part. That period was communicated to yourself and indeed ended the 18th, after which we took action. It’s very unfortunate that that action ended up to not be to the right address.

We’ll sort it with you of course, looking forward to your response through the email so we can get you what you’ve paid for asap.

I can only admire your calm and factual writing. Over the past few years my frustration with said company (not JJ) has grown so much that I sometimes do not place an order if there are no other options available except the one you mention. They have lost a few of my shipments (running shoes and clothing). My comments have always been very direct and hard to misunderstand, but apparently it makes no difference.

In my opinion other companies using their services like JJ should pressure them. Unfortunately we, private citizens have no leverage here.

That being the case, then yes, something needs to be done by the shipping courier to minimize the probability of losing packages.

Perhaps, slower, but sure shipping and delivery?

One of my friends who ordered Jimmy Joy for the first time received his package impressively fast though.

In regards to my particular issue, my disappointment is with the whole process rather than with the company itself to be honest. Coming from Huel and Soylent, I’m impressed by the quality of their shakes so far and just want to switch to them altogether.

It’s unfortunate that the shipping company is failing them.

In regards to Jimmy Joy’s customer service: well, I honestly thought that by this point, I would be losing my money and my package after I saw that it was being sent to the wrong address as well, so, I was pretty upset.

I do have to say that judging by my case and excluding the address mistake, Jimmy Joy’s customer service does seems even more impressive than the shakes itself.

By the way, the shipping couriers that lost my package isn’t the one mentioned in my first post. However, I understand how the concerns you raised may still be applicable.