New Formula only in Coconut?

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Just wanted to ask, if I understood this correctly:

You got a new (vegan) formula for the Shake, but currently it is only available in the limited edition (coconut)? And soon the other flavors will get the new formula, too?

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Heja Lucas!

Exactly, little tweaks have been made which are only visible on the limited edition, we have no plans yet to do the rest as well. But we are also still experimenting with new formulas; making it a big change that the next limited edition could have new changes, until we haven’t written our new formula in stone, it won’t be copied on the regular products.

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Hey Karel,

I think it’s a good change to have more fat and less carbonhydrates inside the formula.

I like the taste. Usually I don’t like coconut flavors that much.
But it’s also very very sweet in my opinion and I also think the other shakes are too sweet.
I have salivary flow for hours and I feel less saturated by the coconut shake (same calorie intake). Is there a explanation for this or is it just my subjective impression?

I hope you can keep the prize per calories in the future. (I understand it’s more expensive to produce a limited edition.)
(But I need at least 2500 kcal a day when i’m inactive to not loose weight. BMI 21,5. Much more when I do sports … Tried the sports shake, but I have stomach problems with it.)

lots of love

Hello Haaaaaaaaaaase,

I also think it’s better to exchange some carb calories for fat calories.

Thank you for your review on the Limited Edition Coconut. I’ll take it into account for new upcoming flavors. The less saturated feel could be due to the Pea protein, each type of protein has a different satisfying feel.

Limited editions are ,due to the small amounts we make, always a little bit more expensive, but we keep our regular products as cheap as possible. I can imagine that the sport shake is a bit more heavy on the stomach, it contains more carbs then the non-sport products.

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