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New Limited: Chai Latte Plenny Shake


I have just tried Chai Latte and I was REALLY surprised.
Now I wish I ordered more bags of this instead of vanilla.

If you make it a permanent option, I will totally switch to this flavour.

Thank you! I really love it too.

I had to do it. Just 2 hours after trying it, despite I got an JimmyJoy package yesterday, I ordered 15 bags of Chai Latte to my country reseller :smile:

If you have a bag, try it with cold milk.

O wow you are so right. Just made a shake with 50/50 water and milk and my god it is good.

Pre-ordered a big bag of Chai because of the good reviews and my girlfriend! First thing I’m gonna do is try 50/50 with water and almond milk!

@Koningsbruggen Will the new Chai Latte Plenny Shake Big Bag (currently in pre-order) share its Big Bag siblings’ nutritional profile, or will it have the nutritional value of the Plenny Shake Limited: Chai Latte ?

I was too late to get some refills of the limited Chai Latte Plenty Shake, I was quite disappointed =(

Hopefully, through a happy accident I ended up with some David Rio Orca Spice, a sugar-free chai latte powder. I started combining it with the unflavoured Plenty Shake and it is :ok_hand::ok_hand: (I use about 1 tbsp per Plenty Shake scoop).

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What a great and creative solution Emache! I think many people will be sad that the Chai Latte is no longer for sale, so thanks for sharing this! :v:t2:

Yes!!! I’m one of them!! I just finished my first bag of Chai Latte and after ordering the only option we have, the big bag, the taste and texture are by far not the same… could you please bring it back?


I’m afraid we don’t have any plans on bringing it back any time soon, sorry guys :frowning: Thankfully there’s some nice ways to spice up the flavor, as shown in this thread. Plus: we’re working on a 2.0 version behind the scenes here, and we’re focussing on better taste with the same macro’s. Stay tuned! :v:t2:

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v.2.1 :wink: we’re already at v2.0

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Normally chai contains clove, does this Chai Latte Plenny Shake contains it?

Whoops! Good catch, Joey :sweat_smile:

I’m wonder why a great flavor, has been removed from the options… As said in other comments, the big bag Chai Latte is not near close to the original package. This was by far my favorite.

Never understood why you make “Limited” flavours… I guess that the sales didn’t reach your expectations, otherwise you would make it permanent…

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Hi Randur, everyone feels different about each of our flavors. We made it limited to drive up sales, to be honest! And it sold perfectly well, too :slight_smile: However, we have changed our basic formula in the meantime and it simply doesn’t fit in our product lines anymore. The Chai Active is as close as it gets, I’m afraid!

My ChaiLatte active just came today. I wasn’t quite sure about the taste and I gave it a go mostly for the caffeine boost. Well I tried some hours ago and by God it was one of the mankind greatest inventions


I like it a lot myself too! My breakfast almost every single day <3