No More Banana Twenny?

On a french forum, someone noticed that there wasn’t any banana Twennie available from Jimmy. So I jumped on my Chrome to check, and… indeed I can’t find any banana flavour :open_mouth:
What’s happening? Is this faloir gone for good? Cuz I LOVE banana :frowning:

Thanx for your FAST reply :slight_smile:


That’s unfortunately correct :frowning: we’re currently working on improving the formula, and might bring it back sometime in the future!

WOAAATT??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Please don’t say “might” :frowning:
Please say “We WILL bring it back really soon, working hard actually!”

Because I really loved the taste and was going to order a few hundreds :frowning:

Pretty please? Banana flavour?
S’il vous plaît?

We’ll definitely take your wishes into account <3

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If you do please mention it in a newsletter update. I’m a BanFan too.

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We’ll definitely let you guys know when it’s back!

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Good you are working on improving the formula, the old one did not really tasting/smelling of an actual banana flavour… was strange… I will definitely try the new bar when it will be available! :slight_smile:

Great to hear you’re excited! We’re not sure yet if the banana bar is coming back, but if it does we promise you the formula will be updated :slight_smile:

No no no!!! Please don’t say “We’re not sure if it’s coming back”!!!
You HAVE TO bring it back! Great flavour, it’s a must have!
What can we do to make it happen? A poll somewhere?

Aw, sorry we can’t promise this to you guys :frowning: you can share your opinion on the Twennybar here: