When is Banana getting the new formula?

Banana is pretty much the only flavour I can drink.
My last order of 6 bags I chose vanilla because banana was not available in the new formula, not weeks later I’m almost though the vanilla bags (which taste like cardboard) and I was hoping banana would be available in the new formula by now… Will it be today or tomorrow? Or should I look elsewhere? I don’t want to ever order one of the other flavours again.

Hi @Aepe! The current ETA for Banana 2.1 in Europe is around the end of this month, so week 34 or 35.
Hope this helps!

22th of August

Good to know! But shame it takes so long compared to the others, since now I have to look for alternatives…

I see what you mean, but it’s to do with stock. We produced x amount of stock of all our flavors, and then we developed a new formula. So we figured we wouldn’t introduce the new formula until stock we already had was sold, so that’s why it’s different timeframes for the different flavors.

Hope this clears things up a bit!

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I am in the same boat as Mango is the only flavour I like and can tolerate drinking every day.

Is there any reason you can’t order more banana 2.0 while you wait?

That’s what I’ll be doing while I wait for the mango 2.1 to be launched, ordered some vanilla 2.1 just because it was new and nope still not a fan :laughing:

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I get that, but then why not sell the remaining stock with a discount, since it supposed to be improved upon, wouldn’t that make the old formula less valuable?

2.0 is still a great product, why should they sell it with a discount? I think that JimmyJoy is actually going for a smart and in the food industry also very common solution. Eventually all the flavours will be 2.1 and at some point there might be another upgrade, so far I’m enjoying all the flavours no matter what version. Except for coffee… :stuck_out_tongue:


@leV is right, @Aepe! We still very much support the 2.0 version and wouldn’t want to discredit it with a discount sale just because we’ve created a new formula :wink:

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Hi, any updates regarding the availability of the new formula for Banana and Mango?

Yes! Every flavor is now 2.1! Except for the ‘Neutral’ version.