New formula in twenny bars

Hi, if I’m not mistaken, currently the only flavor in the bars that have the new rapeseed oil formula is the vanilla flavor, right? Is there any estimation of when other flavors based in that new formula are gonna be available?

Also, could it be possible to make more clear in the site which flavors have which formula? Currently it’s very confusing, since there is only one ingredients sheet for all bars, and even that one is wrong because is the shake ingredient sheet, not the one for the bars.

That’s right. We hope to launch the updated bars soon, but this might take up to a few more months. Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to make it more clear!

Well, it’s Setptember now. Any news?

Heya Alejandro!

As for now, since we are busy with a new formula for the powdermeals, some new products, and the improved bars. We now have the updated bars planned for 2018. It’s hard to tell when exactly, but somewhere Q1 of 2018 is the idea.

With love!


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A mi me gustarian mas si tuvieran menos sal. Como la versión vegana, sal 0,3g en lugar de 1,2g


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Any news on this? ETA?

Ey dude, yes yes, it’s delayed a bit, since another totally new product is going to be released, before we are going to release the improved bars… :sunny: