Not enough salt in Jimmy Joy? Could it be dangerous?

Hi, I recently had some cravings for salty meals, after I went on all-jimmyjoy-plennyshake diet (there was 2-months foreplay with 2 jimmyjoy-plennyshake meals and one normal).
So I googled it and I was in shock that there is not any forum question about it.
Found this:

TLDR: If healthy salt intake is between 3.75g and 5g a day and the Plennyshake bag (whole meal) contains ~2110 kcal and 1.5 g of salt, it mean that I have 2.15g of salt less then I should every day.

I must say, I am not specialist in any food/health science, so I am blindly (or with too litlle guidelines) following the instructions putted out on jimmyjoy-plennyshake : my average intake should be 2100 calories per day, and i want to loose some weight (slowly) so I am eating one jimmyjoy-plennyshake bag per day (2000 cal) and not caring about th rest of the ingredients. But this salty-issue is shaking my belief if I should just blindly drink it. What if there are other catches for " complete meal* "

*not really, you need extra salt.

Please answer.

I think it’s pretty hard to have ‘too little’ salt. People who followed 100% meal replacer diets for months at a time showed no ill health, so no lack of salt either. I honestly don’t think this is something to worry about.

Most guidelines list a maximum above which negative effects could be felt (like high blood pressure), the minimum amount a person needs is a lot lower than that. To be healthy you don’t necessarily need to hit the upper limit of salt intake per day, and there’s no consensus about what is considered the optimal amount either. If you have too much you’ll pee a lot of it out and if you have too little your body will hang onto it more.

In addition, it’s easier to add salt or have a salty snack than it is to reduce salt intake when your base food already has 100% of the MAXIMUM. Some people will require very low salt in their food to remain healthy, and the vast majority of users of these meal-replacer products will have at least one ‘normal’ meal too, where they’ll get a good amount of salt too.

Salt cravings can also be partially habitual and a learned response to ‘I feel like need a snack’, not necessarily a direct signal your body lacks pure salt. God knows I experience that at times too, but that’s not because I have a deficiency. If you just super duper feel like something salty (or anything that’s not jimmyjoy-plennyshake) then just have a reasonable amount of whatever you’re craving, you’re only human. The best diets are those that are balanced and that you’re able to keep up for the rest of your life, if you don’t build in some flexibility you’re gonna have a hard time.