Salt levels in new 2.1 formula?!

Hey guys, just received the new Strawberry 2.1 formula and I noticed the salt levels doubled (!) in comparison to the old bags. That means, if one would take 2000 KCALs worth of Plenny shakes per day, one would take in approximately 5gr of salt. I know that the recommended limit is about 6grams, but I still think it’s a bit on the high side now. Wouldn’t it be healthier for everyone if those levels go down a little bit? Thanks!

Combined with the reduction in sugars/maltodextrin, it makes Plenny Shake really salty too. :frowning:

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That was also my first impression. Both the 2.0 and active formulas with .5g taste much better in terms of saltiness.

Whoops, there is some confusion regarding salt contents of the shakes. We dedicated a little rectification about it here:

Hope this explains it! Let me know if there’s anything else :slight_smile: