Order R778351801 - issue with Canadian customs

I live in Toronto and I ordered 30 packs of the Plenny Shake Sport around 10 days ago, and so far I’ve only received 5 packs of them yesterday. I called up Fedex today and they said that because the item category that was indicated on the waybill was too unclear and undefinable, the customs might have had trouble clearing the rest of the shipment, and that they also have no clue of the whereabouts of the rest of the shipment. It would be great if you guys can investigate into my order and possibly reship the rest of the 25 packs with a more clear and mainstream category indicated on the waybill if no other solution is found. Thank you.

Oh noes :pensive: we’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble receiving your order! I will get in touch with you through mail to get this sorted.

Thank you for following up, looking forward to hearing updates from you guys! =)

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No problem- you’re welcome of course :slight_smile:

Hi there! So far for the past few days I haven’t received any updates from Fedex and the shipment status remains the same as it was one week ago. I think it is safe to say that the customs have confiscated the rest of the packages. Is it possible for you guys to resend the rest of the 25 packs of Plenny Shake Sports again with a more definable and mainstream item category indicated on the waybill so hopefully they won’t go through the same confusion and end up confiscating the parcels like last time?

That sure is possible! Please reply to our email conversation- we like to handle personal customer care stuff through mail :slight_smile: