Physical size of 30-pack delivery

Although my current order has finally come through, I have decided to switch from regular “small” orders to fewer, larger orders. However, since I have jimmyjoy-plennyshake usually sent to a nearby post office or my work place, I’m uncertain as to whether the “monthly” ration is something I can still realistically lug home. I’d appreciate any information on the actuam measurements and weight of a typical 30 bag delivery as well as any experiences with it to help me decide.

my 30bag delivery is a box of about 16kg… the size… i cant tell you right now, but its not very comfortable to take by hand :wink:

you can try a backpack or shopping cart like this… i dont know if it is usual in your courntry

I take allways 30 bags and the size is round about 50x50x50cm. It is possible to carry it with your hands but I agree with miguelsaddress, it is not comfortable and make “long arms”. :wink:

I just received mine, 31 bags + 2 packs of twenny bars is officially 18.77 kilos. It is a bit much -for me- to carry very far, but I’m not very strong, but it’s definitely big and awkward. Here is a picture with a shaker (and dog…) for scale.