There are new Boxes?! :O

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Soo… I see some pictures of the new boxes :open_mouth:
Could anyone be kind enough to send me a picture of the bottom-side of the boxes?.. :angel:

i will try to remember with the next order, that is comming… i LOVE the boxes

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Thank you! What I’ve seen from them, I think I like the new boxes. However, some pictures of bottoms (of the new jimmyjoy-plennyshake boxes only, please -.-’) might upgrade that opinion to ‘I absolutely LOOOOVE these new boxes’.

I can post a picture of the box when my order arrives (should arrive soon) if no one else has done it by then.

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Here you have pics of my box :slight_smile:

How do you like my bottom? hahaha


YEASH! They did put a unicorn’s bottom on the bottom! :smiley: Thank you posting the bottom :slight_smile:
Now I definitely will go grab myself a box (and sit in it like a cat, whilst purring obsessively) Tuesday. :slight_smile:


Looks like the designers had a fun time making this thing.

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Oh I can, indeed, only imagine the lolz they have had… xD

But what else was to be expected from jimmyjoy-plennyshake? Them not having fun? xD

(And; in this case, it is ‘designer’. These lovely pieces of art are made by one artist.)

Went to jimmyjoy-plennyshake HQ (a couple of days ago already), so I’ve finally seen the new boxes. :slight_smile: Sadly, I don’t fit in any of 'em, so I’m a bit disappointed. :unamused: But apart from that one, tiny flaw, they are pretty nice. :slight_smile:

That is totally correct, haha.

Neat design. Bottoms up! :blush: