Your product pictures

as I am a visual type I need to see a product before I order it. Not every flavour comes with a picture, so there is no way of finding out what the bag or the product looks like. Besides that most pictures on the website are not realistic but polished depictions.
So I would appreciate it if you could publish some snapshots of the products you’ve already ordered. Thanks in advance.

Of course! I currently have plenny shakes, drinks and bars at home, here are some photos:

Let me know if you need some
more! :blush:

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Thank you.
If you have more pictures, it sure would be great to see them, too.

The bars look relatively hard, chewy. I am worrying that they may not be soft enough. And some flavours seem to contain solid components. Another problem is that I have no idea how large they are.

Regarding the shakes, do you have a favourite flavour? Have you tried all of them? Can you recommend one? So far I’ve only used other brands and have no experience with JJ products.

Thanks again