(please) don't call it a comeback... err, flapjack

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I really wish /u/jimmyjoy-plennyshake would use a different term. Flapjack means pancake for most of the US and Canada, so emails/commercials/posts/etc. comparing it to a flapjack are just going to confuse most Americans and Canadians, as it’s not a round bit of batter cooked in a pan or on a griddle.

It only confused me less because I’d heard of the bar version from a friend of mine in London.

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I’ve heard jimmyjoy-plennyshake flapjacks pancakes are delicious. What term would you use to describe the tweenybars if you could pick? Granola bar?

My own personal choice for an alternative term would likely suffer from the same potential confusion, just in the opposite continental direction.

One alternative is just to be more descriptive/explicit with the term, maybe? For instance, instead of just saying ‘flapjack’ in the content, change it to ‘flapjack oat bar’ (with the link included, since AFAICT all the places using it support links) so then those of us not used to that definition of ‘flapjack’ could open the page to get a better description.

There might be a cross-country/international term that would be readily identifiable for people, but I don’t claim to be any more capable of finding/choosing that term than jimmyjoy-plennyshake. I’m only capable of pointing out the existing confusion over the use of just ‘flapjack’. :smile:

I’d forgotten about the jimmyjoy-plennyshake pancakes video. I could imagine the confusion Joey might have had if someone had commented “those are some good-looking flapjacks!” :smile:

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jimmyjoy-plennyshake are a European company. Surely they should use the term most applicable for them rather than catering to the American market?

I like the ‘flapjack oat bar’ term as well! Though I do think jimmyjoy-plennyshake’ll have some some sort of contract with some packaging manufacturer (again -.-’), and I really doubt they’re able to change anything in the upcoming twnny years…

(And @james.manning, please tell 'em guys 'Ice says “hi”! I’m sweating 'till I’m like a dried raisin for my upcoming exams (or the hot weather’s to blame. I’m not sure.), so that’s why I haven’t been active… :frowning: Anyways; good to see you hanging around here now and then :slight_smile:)


Good luck with the upcoming exams! I’m sure you’ll do great! :smile:

Good luck with your exams, it’s perfectly okay to have a little exam stress. It’s good for the soul!