Plenny 2.0 Bars - Restock?

Hello! I’m just wondering when you’ll get the vanilla-flavored bars back in stock? They are unfortunately the only ones I like of your products (although I like them a lot and mostly ate nothing but them everyday until you ran out). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @cguerra, welcome to our forum!

Thanks for your interest! Our shipment to the US took longer than expected and the clearance at customs was very slow :broken_heart:
Finally, our importation was cleared and we will have our products back in stock next week! :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful news! And thank you so much for the quick reply. Sorry to hear about the customs issues though. =/

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So, did this not happen? Nothing has changed – you’re out of stock of the same products as over a week ago.
Thank you,

Hey @cguerra. I am sorry this is taking even longer. Trust me, it is very frustrating for us :frowning:
There is no intention of giving incorrect information but the process took even longer. I shared with you the information we had from our logistic partners. We will have the products back in stock this week.

Hi, Laura.
Apologies if that came off as accusatory – it was not intended that way. I know you’re only giving me the information you have. I just wanted to follow-up to see if there was a new target date.

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Hey @cguerra, I appreciate your message! As soon as I get to know when the products are back in stock I will let you know here! :green_heart: