Plenny 2.0 Bars - Restock?

Hello! I’m just wondering when you’ll get the vanilla-flavored bars back in stock? They are unfortunately the only ones I like of your products (although I like them a lot and mostly ate nothing but them everyday until you ran out). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @cguerra, welcome to our forum!

Thanks for your interest! Our shipment to the US took longer than expected and the clearance at customs was very slow :broken_heart:
Finally, our importation was cleared and we will have our products back in stock next week! :slight_smile:

That’s wonderful news! And thank you so much for the quick reply. Sorry to hear about the customs issues though. =/

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So, did this not happen? Nothing has changed – you’re out of stock of the same products as over a week ago.
Thank you,

Hey @cguerra. I am sorry this is taking even longer. Trust me, it is very frustrating for us :frowning:
There is no intention of giving incorrect information but the process took even longer. I shared with you the information we had from our logistic partners. We will have the products back in stock this week.

Hi, Laura.
Apologies if that came off as accusatory – it was not intended that way. I know you’re only giving me the information you have. I just wanted to follow-up to see if there was a new target date.

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Hey @cguerra, I appreciate your message! As soon as I get to know when the products are back in stock I will let you know here! :green_heart:

Shipping is a global problem at the moment, and I suspect things at JJ are not any different. We found that ever since the start of the pandemic last year, air freight shipping almost doubled overnight, and now, a year later, it is practically impossible to get shipping containers to transport goods.

The pandemic and uneven global economic recovery have led to this problem cropping up in Asia, although other parts of the world have also been hit. Industry watchers said desperate companies wait weeks for containers and pay premium rates to get them, causing shipping costs to skyrocket.

Things will eventually normalize, but this is the supply shock effect from the pandemic. Airfreight is usually shipped in the cargo hull of passenger jets, but with fewer planes flying, this really has become an issue as everyone switches to sea freight now, and it has caused shipping container costs to go up 264% compared to last year.

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