Plenny Bar selectionbox

Hai, would love to have the possibility to pick diverent flavours in a plennybar box.
Is that something you could fix. 3 flavours in one box.
Greetz Lot


These are my thoughts exactly! Or a sample box with all flavours.

Now you have to buy a big box while you do not even know if you like the flavour.


I’ve suggested same thing a couple of weeks ago. The options to make your own plennybar box with the flavours of your choice. Instead of having 2 or more boxes of plennybar opened all around the house, just one with the flavours you like. I don’t need a sample box with all the flavours as I only like 2 flavours.

Hi peeps! We are currently working on a fixed sample box for the Plenny Bars (e.g. 2 of each flavour). Having the flexibility to build your own brings too many operational challenges so that probably won’t happen anytime soon. Hope this helps!


Yessss this is so perfect. I love this! Thank you!

Also make sure to add any new flavours that are introduced in the future to that sample box :wink:


Other brands I tried in the past started offering the possibility of building your own box bars as you liked (I guess they manually put them in the boxes) and by doing so, the prices went sky rocketing. So I’m find with the 12 bars boxes :sweat_smile:

But definitely, a sample bar should be excellent to try before buying that many bars. Now I already tried all of them, so not much of a use to me. But when you’ll add new flavours it’s great you add the possibility to add them individually when placing an order like you already do.

Not bar related, but I’m still waiting on that possibility with the Pots. I want to try all three flavours, but I’m not willing to order 6 pots of each one without not knowing if I’d like them or not :persevere: That happened to me with the Shakes. I ordered ALL flavours just to discover I only liked chocolate. Having 10 meals of each one I didn’t enjoy that much, or I really disliked like Mango was… difficult times :sweat_smile:

We currently have an offer for the Plenny Pot Mix Pack if you’re in the EU. It’s only available on the Starter Box page so it would require you to add it through there and then you can remove the Starter Box from your cart :wink: Because it’s manually made in our warehouse we currently don’t offer it in the US.


I totally missed that! Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll include it with my next order for sure :wink: