Premium Plennyshakes

Hello all,
I’ve been wondering if you are planning on mixing a “premium” version of Plennyshake that contains the so-called superfoods:
Hemp seeds
Sesame seeds
Chia seeds
Moringa powder
Maca seeds
Acai palm seeds
Camu Camu powder
Rice Flour (Instead of Soy flour)

Maybe an organic version could be also possible.

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Hi @marcisader !

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: . It is a great idea though we don’t have any plans on producing any superfood/organic Plennyshake at the moment.

I will definitely pass it on to the team! Thanks again!

While “superfoods” may have a high content of certain nutrients, we often don’t lack them, too much often gets excreted and you would have to call an egg a superfood too. These “exotic” foods get the unprotected label of “superfood”, which doesn’t really mean anything because they can be marketed and sold for a good profit. If Jimmy Joy will sell a “superfood” version they will loose all scientific credibility for me.